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South Jersey Budget Wedding-Hall Rental

Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a low budget wedding hall..but one that is actually nice!! Any ideas?? Also any suggestions on low budget ideas are also  welcomed thanks!

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    Try Gibson House in Evesham Twp or Haddon Fortnightly in Haddonfield.  Also, look into your county park system or your towns' park system.  They may have places available as well.
  • I had my wedding in March @ Fortnightly...gorgeous yes, but the way I and my guests were treated (like we were trash when everyone was tasteful and proper) was horrific.  You may have a better time with them than I did.  It is not for a large setting, I'd keep it under 100 ppl, and if you are a DIY, you need lot of help with cleanup (which is INCLUDED in your rental time).  

    Camden County Boathouse I hear is a nice place.  I DIY everything, and craigslist and ebay were my best friends.  LMK if you have more questions :)
  • The Merighi's Savoy Inn includes tax and gratuity in their prices. Their lowest plated price is around $76 a person, however that includes the space rental fee and food, and cake. They also include floral center pieces, valued up to $20. They also have a buffet for $85, including tax and gratuity. It is in Vineland. They also seem to be extremely flexible and i've read the food is fantastic. Let me know if you would like me to forward you their package information. That is the least expensive option I found. Tom, the wedding sales manager, also seems to be really attentive and acts as a coordinator/planner as well!

    I ended up booking at Running Deer in Pittsgrove, which is $85 a person, however they are flexible and you can cut out certain things to get the price down. You can also save money by having your wedding in January/February as well. Running Deer does have a $10K minimum for Saturday nights, so if you are trying to stay under that you may need to go for a Friday or a Sunday. It is GORGEOUS i feel in love as soon as i walked in. 
  • Try the Lenola Fire Hall in Moorsetown... you can use your own caterer and bring your own beverages. 
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