I know we don't usually start confessions on Mondays, but since we've all had a long weekend and have plenty to share:

1. I ate so much this weekend that my slacks are tight today, blah

2. I have done a TON of shopping this weekend...all for myself :P Seriously, I haven't bout anything for anyone other than DH and I. New TV, Wii games, boots, jeans, perfume, kitchen appliances, clothes, power tools, etc...all for us! Whoops! Maybe next weekend I'll think about buying for other people

3. I fully plan on slacking off as much as possible today. In fact, I just got bent out of shape that a customer wouldn't let me cancel our regular Monday meetings...I sent her a note asking if she wanted to skip it while we both caught up on 4 days of unanswered emails.

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    1) I bought myself three pairs of pants and four shirts this weekend. Nothing for anyone else. :P 

    That's all I've got for now.
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    I am semi dreading Christmas. Thanksgiving was easy b/c my parents came here, and DH's parents were ok with not seeing us b/c we'll be back for Christmas. But Christmas is going to be nuts. I'll be back in PA prob. Tue.-Sat. or Sun. I am dreading MIL's wedding after party (hello, it's been over 6  months since the wedding! Can't we just forget about it?), and I feel like I'm going to have no time to spend with my friends, or go to the GTG. UGH. Frown

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    I plan on doing nothing at work today since I had to work Friday and no one else did.  I plan on doing most of my shopping due to 'Cyber Monday' deals and I don't feel bad about it at all.

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    Yeah - I bought myself 2 pairs of boots this weekend. :)  Nothing for anyone else, either.  Though today I am doing online shopping for the 2 secret santas I'm in.

    I haven't worked out in 3 weeks and I feel gross!
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    I am also guilty of buying for myselfTongue out

    1.  I bought myself a Cricut and 3 cartridges, 3 sweaters, and a pair of pants.  (However I DID buy for for my Secret Santas-just none of my family-OOPS!)
    2.  I ate more from Thursday-Saturday then I have in the past week and a half-not kidding-why do my parents think I starve when I'm not at their house?  They insist on us going out to eat, buying me snacks, and stuffing me full.  And hey, I'm not one to pass up free food! (I'll start my wedding diet after the holidays)
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    No one mentioned my hair cut on Thanksgiving except my grandma who has dementia.  That bothered me.

    If I don't get a new treadmill ASAP, I'm going to go crazy.  I miss having one so much!
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