Hope someone can help on a tricky problem. (kinda long, sorry)

Hi y'all. I'm usually more of a lurker on here since I'm helping a friend plan her wedding. (I had to get a new screen name since my old comp crashed on me so it looks like I'm new.) I was wondering if any of you could help us out on a couple things. (sorry this may get kinda long)
1) Does anyone know of a church thats not catholic that can hold approx 400-450 people? And that you don't have to be a member of. We're kinda stumped on this. The couple would really like to be married in a church but if they can't find one that's big enough, then we have to come up with another plan. Any ideas on places that aren't a church?
2) Now comes the next part which I'm sure you guessed. The reception site to hold tha many people. They're looking at either elegant(think grand hall, lamont ect) or country type setting(think lingrow farms). It just depends on what site is big enough. They're pretty flexible. 

The wedding is gonna be next november or December. We've looked thru all the places listed on the PGH vendors and almost all of em are too small. Lingrow seems to be the closest in size but will still have to rent a tent to hold everyone. Money isn't a problem. O, forgot to add too, trying to find a place in Westmoreland County or Allegheny, Fayette and the part of Armstrong Counties that border Westmoreland. Most of the guest list is from Westmoreland or just over the border of Westmoreland.

Sorry if some of this doesn't make sense, typos and all that but it's almost 630a and I'm normally asleep a couple hours ago but for some reason I can't fall asleep tonight. Sigh. We appreciate any and all help that any of you may have. If anyone has any info like prices and that and want to share, let me know. You can either PM me the info or I can PM you my email. Thanks again!!!!

Have a great day!!!Smile

Re: Hope someone can help on a tricky problem. (kinda long, sorry)

  • Cant help with the church..

    But Lingrow  is WAY too small for that amount of people. I've been to 2 weddings
    there and 250 is uncomfortable.

    What about Laube hall? It's in Freeport. It's huge. You will not be able to find a lot of pictures online but if you call Karen would be more then happy to show you.

    I don't know the capacity at Armstrong Farms but I know they have different size barns but they may be on the smaller size as well...

    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • No suggestions on a church, sorry. But check The Pennsylvanian and Bella Sera for reception. Both are very nice and I think can accommodate over 400 guests. I would stay away from a tented venue in Nov/Dec - even if it's heated that sounds miserable, HTH.
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  • I should also recommend Futules Harmar House in Harmarville. It's really nice! Nick, who runs the place is so nice! . I think it has seating of 500. The food is absolutely amazing!
    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • For the church- Call Smithfield United Church of Christ. It's not as huge as a cathedral, but they could probably fit close to that amount. I am getting married there in March. You don't need to be a member.

    For reception- ditto on prior posters. Additionally, the Carnegie Music Hall, Wyndham downtown, and the Omni Penn hotel I believe can fit over 500.
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  • LeMont and the Omni William Penn both hold over 400...also the new Fairmont Hotel in downtown maybe able to fit that many.  I can't think of any non-catholic church that would hold that many people - sorry hope you figure something out.

  • Hi. thanks for all of the suggestions so far. A few that were mentioned like Omni and Lemont are places that are on the list to be checked out. Figured by asking on here, people could mention other places that aren't on the vendors llist and that.
    A big thanks on the church recommendation. That is definately gonna be looked into. If anyone else has any other suggestions, please keep them coming especially for a ceremon site.
    Thanks again! Have a great day.
  • I don't know about the church but I have heard that the Syria Mosque in the Cheswick area can hold up to 1000 people for a reception. That place is supposed to be huge.
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  • Your best bet is the Syria Mosque in Cheswick.  They are used to these larger events.  Catering is amazing.  The seating areas overlook the dance floor so you are all together during the event.  Multiple bars.  Try Mount St. Peter Catholic Church in New Kensington.  It will easily hold 400.  If you do not recognize the name it is where Officer Kotecki funeral was held.  Beautifil church.  Good luck!!
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