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Vow renewal @ 5yr mark

My husband and I are talking about renewing our vows. Not in a full blown wedding, because we had our wedding in '10. JOP or not, it was our wedding. The thing is I just want to do an intimate exchange in private or with family. However, my husband wants us to do it on a Sunday before or after the service. I do not want this, because I don't know all those people and it certainly is not intimate. This is a very personal ordeal. Am I wrong? WWYD?
Thanks :)

Re: Vow renewal @ 5yr mark

  • Most will side eye a vow renewal at 5 yrs, but it truly depends on those first 5 years IMHO. 

    If it were me I would keep it small and intimate, not make resemble a full on wedding in any way because you are already married, it's basically a re-commitment ceremony. 

  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be mod
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    After the Sunday service people wiuld probably clear out and it would just be you and your family. I think a vow renewal at 5 years is fine. It sounds like you are planning a more religious based event and not a grand affair. I think a blessing or religious renewal is fine at any year interval, especially if its just your immediate family. GL!
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  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    It sounds like you are just doing an exchange of vows or a blessing and NOT having a reception or party afterwards, correct? I think that's fine. You probably just be dressed up and not in a wedding gown, your family knows you're already married, and you're very aware it's not a re-do, but rather a re-affirmation. I agree with photo that the service would clear out. I'm also sure that the church would ensure there are not a ton of people around, just as if there was a baptism. I personally would not seek out a renewal at 5 years, but everyone has different situations and circumstances that may lead them to this type of event. Especially in your case because this will have religious significance and your ceremony did not.


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