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Officiate a resident of one state, getting married in another

I have kind of a strange question.  So my FI and I have had a hard time coming up with an officiant.  Neither one of us go to church, and non of our friends are licensed to officiate our wedding.  So a thought came to me about having my brother officiate the wedding.  He is not ordained or anything and he would do the online course to become ordained.  But my question is this, (and I may have to walk into the county clerk's office to get the real answer, but I'll try my luck on the board) is he able to do that if he is a resident of CA and we are getting married in IL?  I don't know how it all works so we are legally married by my brother.  Anyways, if anyone has actually done it and could shed some light on this kind of thing for me, that would be great.  Thanks so much in advance!


Re: Officiate a resident of one state, getting married in another

  • Huh.  I guess I should google better! lol Yes he can officiate!! :D
  • I would also just call your county clerk's office.  The website you have is an organization and may not have the most up to date information on it.  It will be best to just call and get it confirmed.  It's possible that your brother could get deputized for 1 day to perform your ceremony rather an going through an online ordination process.
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  • You usually have to be a state resident for a one day deputation. Some states are way more difficult than others. VA is so annoying, so we are doing the ceremony in DC and reception in VA. Def call the clerk in IL.
  • I agree with calling the county clerk for the most up-to-date information to see about residency requirements.
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