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DFW brides beware

Hey y'all - i heard an ad on the radio in sept for a bridal show in Plano. I went online to see what it was about and they had a $1 off coupon for entry. I signed up for the coupon but didn't get to go to the show. since then my email inbox and phone has been spammed NONSTOP by all of the vendors at this event saying they met me at the event. the company that hosted this event sold my phone # and email address to every vendor there!!!!! I have asked these companies to stop calling and emailing me (there have been OVER a dozen) and some of them have, but some will not stop calling and emailing me. I've complained to the company www.bridalshowsinc.com and they have not responded. I wanted to warn any bride considering attending a bridal show hosted by this company to avoid them like the plague.

Re: DFW brides beware

  • This happens when you use your email address to register for any bridal show, unfortunately.  I think a lot of brides make a separate email account just for wedding-related business to avoid having the spam clog their regular inbox.  I'm so sorry that happened to you!



  • Yes, this is why I was told a long time ago to make an alias email for bridal stuff because of this reason.
  • Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me. It was pretty annoying. I knew it was spam, because I also didn't end up going to the bridal show, so how could I have met these vendors there? Creating a separate email address is a good idea. I wish I had done that. Doesn't help with the phone calls though, unless you give them a wrong number.
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