September 2014 Weddings

11 months...

For those of us with a 9-13-2014... We have eleven months to go! How are your plans progressing?

Re: 11 months...

  • wooohooo!!! Slowly but surely. Hoping to have all my vendors booked by March. Praying everything flows! My dress is ordered, venue chosen almost half paid off, have my hairstyle, centerpieces, dj... so yea.. things are moving along. but gotta find invites that I like...
  • I'm so excited. We're making payments to the venue as we go along. My dress has been paid for...woo-hoo!!  I'm meeting with our photographer this Sunday.  I know which company I want to book the limo with.  I'm having a hard time finding someone to do makeup for the day so I'm working on that. It seems like every weekend we're crossing things off the list. How are you doing? 
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  • Everyone seems to be making such great progress... I'm thinking I'm lagging behind!
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