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NWR: Are save-the-dates necessary?

My brother and I are hosting a surprise 30th anniversary party for our parents next December. They got married on December 29 which is a Monday in 2014. The party will be at a hall/restaurant on December 27th. 

We have been trying to figure out if sending save-the-dates are best considering it will be during the holiday season. And if it's decided we should send save-the-dates, when should we send them? I know sometimes people make plans for the holiday season very early.

Or should we forego save-the-dates and just let people know via word of mouth? Or do we just skip all of that and just send out invitations to everyone as it gets closer to the date?
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Re: NWR: Are save-the-dates necessary?

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    I think since it's so close to the holidays, guests might like a heads up.
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    Thank you for the input. Do you think we should send save-the-dates or just make phone calls/send emails? And when do you think is a good time do this? Would it be too soon to start letting me know now? or should we wait a bit?
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    I would do word of mouth with people since you know now and then do invitations later. Not formal save-the-dates.
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    Thank you. I appreciate the input. I'll let my brother know. 
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