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I need some cheap ideas for chair covers. The chairs we have for the ceremony and reception are what is at the ceremony and reception site which is in the same place. The chairs are not pretty at all they are the metal folding chairs so not nice at all. I thought about getting some tool in our colors and wrapping the tops and making bows or something like that in the backs. Any ideas would be helpful


  • I would just leave them as is.  Any time you try to cover up or hide or detract from something you don't like the more it stands out.  Also, your guests do not care nor will they notice what chairs you have at your wedding.  Also, out of almost 1000 pictures that were taken by my photographer of our wedding only about 5 have pictures with chairs in them (and we had black folding chairs that I wasn't super thrilled with in the beginning but were budget friendly).  So in the end, the chairs will not matter nor really show, especially when your guests are sitting in them.

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    Full on chair covers would hide them.  You could probably rent them from a local party supplies/decor place, buy them from a bride who already go married, or online eg.
    ETA  Or, rent prettier chairs.
  • Ok maybe ill just leave them be then...I dont think anyone would really care. and Im really to try and stay on budget and seat covers can get pretty expensive. Thanks
  • I'd leave em alone. Much cheaper than trying to cover them. I don't know why people bother paying for chair covers in the first place.
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  • I priced out covers and sashes for a minimum of 200 chairs--it would run us well over $1,000. I still feel iffy about it--but I can do a lot more with $1,000-1,300+, so I may just skip covers.
  • I'd skip it and save the money.  Unless you can tell me what the chairs looked like at the last 3 weddings you went to...  otherwise if this is something you have to have talked to your venue--I'm sure they have a vendor they work with who can rent them. 

  • IMO chair covers are unattractive. The bows are never the same height or lined up and end up looking worse than the chairs you're trying to cover. If you REALLY hate the chairs I would recommend renting chivari chairs instead. Gorgeous look but probably even pricier than the covers.
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