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We're going to a party on Sat and DF is wearing an elaborate pirate costume that he still has from college (he really looks like Johnny Depp in it!).  He suggested that I go as a wench pirate.  In addition to having limited time, I'd really like to keep my costume super cheap since I'll only wear it once.  Any suggestions of how I can pull this off quickly and inexpensively??
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Re: Halloween costume

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    Hmm, not sure if you could piece it all together from things you have. I'm thinking gold hoop earrings, bandanna... not sure about actual clothes though. Maybe a black skirt with an uneven/assymetrical hemline and a white blouse with some ruffles or puffed sleeves? I saw on Party CIty's website that they're having a huge clearance- up to 80% off costumes. I'm not sure if it's the same in stores, but worth a look. GL!
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    I dress like a wench every day. Just make sure your jeans are tight enough to show your CT and your top is low enough so that all the husbands at the party get in trouble for staring. Your hair is red, so that helps. I'm a ginge, too, and it helps kick up the wench factor.
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