DiDomenico Photography

Hey all! I just had my wedding 2 weeks ago and wanted to review our photographer was since they are from the Pittsburgh area, incase you are still looking for a photographer! We highly recommend these people!!! 

First off, I got married on the first big snow in the year, and where our ceremony was (about 2 hours from Pittsburgh) it snowed 4-5"! DiDomenico photography is a husband/wife duo that work together and they not only arrived on time, but they were early! They were so upbeat and happy when they arrived and quickly started taking pictures. It was so nice having two photographers - while Tony was in the church and outside getting pics of the guys, Chris was inside and in the back of the church with us girls, getting pics of us all getting ready and what not. This gave us the opportunity to not have such a huge gap between the ceremony and reception, and spend more time on our party bus!!! 

They were a ton of fun to work with - and we really enjoyed having them there to share our big day with us! I will shut up now and share their photo blog with you - if you scroll down we are the first wedding you run into on it as of right now (Allison & Nick). Enjoy!! 

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