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Arms and abs

I of course want to lose 10-15 pounds before my wedding but I'm really interested in toning my arms and abs so they will look great in a strapless or fitted gown, depending on my final gown decisions...Anyone have some good exercises for toning my arms and abs that have shown you results? 

Re: Arms and abs

  • You can't do spot-weight loss, but you can spot-tone.  If you want to focus on arms, I'd suggest pushups, tricept dips, and pullups (you can youtube modifications for a lot of these if you can't do real puships or pullups). Jumping pullups or aided pullups (with a band) would be good if you're just starting out, as would pushups from your knees. 

    As for abs...well, abs as they say are made in the kitchen.  You can have the strongest abs in the world but without weight loss, you won't see the impact.  Of course crunches, toes to bar/knees to elbow are great for abs, but focus on eating clean, tracking calories, and getting tons of greens (spinach, asparagus, kale) can be the biggest impact on abs.  

    How long until your wedding?
  • @freebread03 - I have just over a year. 
  • You've got tons of time then-in fact, you can be doing real full-on pullups by the time you hit your wedding :)
  • Jillian Michaels 6 week six-pack is great for arms and abs.  It's a tough video, so stick with it.  The video has several cardio intervals as well to help with the actual weight loss so you can actually see your results.

    That being said, I agree with freebread03 you will need to eat clean and change your diet if you plan to lose weight. 

    Take small steps so that you don't get burned out.  It's a lifestyle change, but in the end you will feel better (mentally and physically), have more energy, and love the way you look.  If you find a program that works for you hopefully you can stick with it.  If you don't stick to the changes you will end up gaining the weight right back. 
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