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Don't know how to tell guests

The wedding is in January. In Colorado. Outside unless it's snowing too much. Where do I tell guests to bring their jackets? It could be beautiful and 55 or beautiful and 20. Do I put it on the invitation? That feels out of place. The RSVP card? I have already put it on the website, but not everyone will go to the website. Should I be amazingly awesome and call everyone the week before to remind them/give them a heads up? Do I not bother with it and hope they are smart enough to wear a jacket? 

Re: Don't know how to tell guests

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    I would do an insert (not on the actual invitation) stating that the ceremony will be held outdoors weather permitting.

    That being said I would suggest you rethink you plans.  Your guests will be outside much longer than you can may not be able to tolerate the weather (older guests, babies, or those in ill health).  Heck I'm healthy and I get cold easily.
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  • I dont have any older guests, poor health guests, or babies coming to the wedding. It's Colorado, I'm having my ceramony out doors. End of discussion. But thank you for the insert suggestion. I do believe that is what I will do!
  • I get cold easy as well. I'm originally from Florida. I will be wearing a shrug and boots. Problem solved.
  • Like PP said a little insert would be nice for a heads up on the location! For an outside event in January I'd personally bring a jacket to be safe but that's just me. I have an insert to put in with my invites with our website on it for extra information I didn't want on our actual invitation.
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  • Thats a great idea to add the website to the insert as well!
  • I'm doing an insert with a little extra information as well.  My wedding will be indoors (though outside would be really cool - and apparently that was a pun, ick) but I'm having a little insert with a map for out of town guests, and I'll put the info on that.

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