Alterations recs?

I'd like to get a party dress shortened but don't know where to take it to. Do you have any recs for good/cheap places that can do alterations near the North Shore/downtown area? 



Re: Alterations recs?

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    there's actually a thread a few posts down that has some good alteration recs. So maybe check that out and see if any of those are close to you.
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    ashleyandcjashleyandcj member
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    I have heard of this place on the North Shore. 
    Alterations Express®
    8199 McKnight Road
    North Hills, Pennsylvania 15237
    I don't know how good they are but a friend of friend went there to get alterations and they were happy with them.  GL!
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    m_harmon_11m_harmon_11 member
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    I have heard good things about Clarissa Boutique in the South Side,  
    1700 East Carson Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1759
    (412) 432-3299

    That is who I've decided to go with for my alterations for my 2011 wedding.
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