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Wedding website bio examples/samples?

My fiance and I aren't very familiar with many of each other's immediate or extended families. We are starting a wedding website for people to keep up with how our planning is going but I'm having the most difficult time with the "about us" portion of the site! I want to put a little blurb bio for each of us on there for the benefit of distant relatives but I don't want it to just be facts that will sound stuffy or stupid. Any ideas or examples/samples of wedding site bios out there? 

Re: Wedding website bio examples/samples?

  • This sounds kind of odd to me. Will a relative that doesn't know you that well want to read a website about you? Also be sure you don't put anything online that you don't need the whole world knowing. 

    But regardless, I'm sure you could google around for examples. 
  • Valid points @PDKH. I'm just looking for filler info since the website is going to have all the wedding info on it.

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