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Rehearsal Dress: From Summer to Winter

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I bought a really cute dress for my rehearsal for my January 4th wedding. The only problem is, it's "technically" a summer dress, and I have little to no idea how to change it up so the dress not only looks good but I look like the 23-year-old bride that I am and will be. If the photo fails to upload, the dress is white, lace-like short sleeved and a little short, but the shape is modest. 

I was thinking a grey jacket with black/brown ankle boots and tights. I was also thinking a lighter-weight tight or legging of color. To me it SOUNDS great, but the last time I tried the "summer dress with tights" look (at the time I was uncomfortable with my legs, which was why I'd worn thick tights with peep-toe heels) I ended up apparently looking like a 14-year-old trying to look like an adult. 

Thoughts? Any are greatly welcomed. Thanks! 

P.S. - Looks like the photo didn't load, so here's the link to a similar one. The differences are merely that mine has shorter sleeves, and no belt, though as shown in the link, it's easy to pull one off.   --   http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/1200x/c7/e5/5d/c7e55db7fb55ea88be93a9c27db450fd.jpg

Re: Rehearsal Dress: From Summer to Winter

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    I would do a colored wrap/sweater, nude tights/hose and maybe a metallic shoe (or nude).

    I think a dark wrap/shoes/tights will be too heavy looking with a white lace dress.
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  • Hm. I do have a wrap/shawl, well, two, that could work. The grey jacket is light, but I agree that it may look heavy. 

    What about a tan wedge? 

    I could always do what I'm wearing to the airport -- nice sweater or a white blouse with dark jeans, since I know the dress will have some use on the honeymoon anyway lol. Thanks!
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    The tan wedge would work perfectly I think.

    Making a summer dress more "winter" is about layering heavier fabrics not necessarily darker colors.
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  • Great! I think the wedges are simple enough to work almost any time of year. Maybe add a belt or something to the dress. 

    Thanks :) 
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