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FI and I think we have decided on a venue!

FI and I have discussed various places and various ideas of what we would like to do. And we have now decided to have a small intimate wedding ceremony at the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden with a total of 25-30 of our closest friends and relatives. Then I believe we will have our reception at Taverna in Fort Worth. Then those who would like to join us for drinks and entertainment afterwards. Then FI and I will be staying at a nearby hotel. :) I'm SO EXCITED!!

Re: FI and I think we have decided on a venue!

  • That sounds lovely.  I know this was a hard decision for you--congrats!
  • Thank you. The more and more I thought about it, I sort of felt like if I did a "wedding" that in a way it was more money just to sort of a "ha ha I had a better wedding than you" amongst the people I know. So when it really boils down to it, the people we want there and mean the most should be the ones that are there. So FI and I talked and talked and we really wanted our friends and family most important to us to enjoy in the celebration. FI loves downtown Fort Worth. I wanted an outside ceremony but something somewhat quick and to the point. And this would be less of a financial strain on us and we could focus more on what was important to us. 
  • As much as I loved my wedding, my original vision was much like yours.  Had DH's parents not insisted on paying for our wedding, we would have gotten married on a beach or in Vegas with less than 10 people and had dinner together in a hotel and then partied in a suite all night.  It will be great!

  • The hard part for me will be the dress. I feel like sice the ceremony will be short that i should not invest a ton into the dress and actually have a short simple dress. But since I have started looking for one I am finding it really hard to find one I like but does not look like a "doiley" as FI says.
  • I don't think you have to have a short dress just because you're having a simple ceremony.  I've seen girls get married on the beach with full length gowns and long veils.  So don't limit yourself--if you find a dress you love, wear it!  You only get to do this once.  ;)
  • What Stephie said.  Don't let the style of your ceremony dictate what your dress looks like.  Find the one you love.



  • I know. And I get it. But I can't see myself spending the same amount of money on a dress if I were having just a short ceremony as opposed to a big wedding. But I will keep it in mind if it comes down to it.
  • I got my dress used and loved it. Never looked back and spent a fraction of the cost. There are ways of spending less while still getting what you want :) 
  • Thanks for all of the support and encouragement everyone. Since (at this point) we have made this decision (and I haven't turned back from it for once) I do feel so relieved. I don't have to worry about decorations really. Don't have to worry about a DJ. So I can focus more on searching for a dress and shoes. The boquet. The honeymoon. The important things in a girls life right?! :)
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