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Ten months and a big check!

Hi ladies! Hope everyone's been getting along in their planning!

Not too long ago, our venue was kind enough to contact us and let us know that there would be potential difficulties with our wedding date and other events in and around the hotel. They offered to let us move the date at no charge to a different weekend, and after checking with our officiant we decided to go for it. So we are now exactly ten months out from the big day of August 17th! Fortunately since we switched from one Sunday to another, none of our vendors had any problem with transferring our deposits, and we're back on track to be wed :) as a bonus, room prices at the hotel are less than half of what they would have cost had we kept our original date, so hopefully it'll be easier on our lovely guests as well.

In light of hitting the ten month mark, we've started sending out our save the dates! Excuse the AWing, but I'm pretty pleased with how they came out:


We wanted to use a photo from our engagement shoot in Ireland, but we also wanted to take advantage of this beautiful free template we found on So I got a little crafty and DIY'd envelope liners from one of our photos! Can't believe they're in the mail now, it makes it seem so real!

Thanks for bearing witness, y'all are the best. Happy planning!

Re: Ten months and a big check!

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