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Daytime bachelorette party ideas

Hey ladies and VG

So I really was hoping to avoid having to do a bachelorette party, I don't like the whole cliché and I don't enjoy being the centre of attention (the wedding day will be enough for me!). Don't get me wrong, I love a big ol party, but its my 30th two weeks before the wedding and I have a big party planned for that and of course we have a big party planned for the wedding so I'd rather not throw something else into the mix in the form of a bachelorette party. According to my bridesmaids (sisters) and mom, I HAVE to do something. At the moment I am entertaining the idea of giving in but setting some rules, a) it HAS to be when we're in Vegas and b) during the day (this way I can hopefully avoid the typical nightclub/strip club ideas). Having it during the day also coincides with my FI's potential bachelor party (which he doesn't really want either) most likely being at a shooting range one afternoon. 

As I'm a complete control freak I will also insist on being involved in the organising, and so I am here for some ideas! I'd rather not go to a spa as this is what every recent bride in my life has done. I thought about champagne afternoon tea in the Mandarin Oriental with their fab views, but not sure whether this is too boring. 

Has anyone got any more interesting ideas? Some of our potential meet and greet ideas (e.g. the Kiss themed mini golf, or the Linq High Roller) might become possibilities if we decide on something else for the m&g. 

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Re: Daytime bachelorette party ideas

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    I just went to bachlorette party last yr for a bride, like me, who does NOT like the idea of male strippers or clubbing. We're from Vegas so we can club whenever we want.
    She choose to go white water rafting! So awesome! We made a weekend of it.

    Her sister, who I don't really know and didn't go to hers, choose to do a girl's weekend up at My Charleston and they rented 3 cabins. There was hiking or sledding or boarding. The lodge down the hill had a lounge and small bar.

    @jiimanie let me know if you need suggestions.
  • I don't like being the center of attention either but I had so much fun on my bachlorette party!  It was all arranged by my MOH (I am so lucky!) and everybody had a blast.  We ended the night with a limo tour, Thunder From Down Under show and dancing the night away at Pure. 

    We started the night out at Margaritaville where we had dinner.  There was 20 of us and for two hours we had family served appies (nachos, quesadillas, shrimp, spinach dip, cheese curds - there was lots of food) and unlimited Margartita's.  We tipped the staff really well and they made balloon hats for all of our party.  I have no idea how much it cost but everybody had lots of fun.  It was nice and casual and I had a good chance to visit with my Mom and some of the aunts who weren't going to be accompany us on the rest of the party.  Maybe something casual like that would be okay? 

    Although I think that the high tea would be fun too.  Something that most people wouldn't normally do and everybody would have fun getting dressed up and feeling posh!

  • Thanks both!

    @J9lawrence the plan at the moment is for everyone to get together in the evening after the separate male and female daytime events for something like your dinner at Margaritaville, that's all I ever wanted really - the guys and the girls, everyone together enjoying some good food!

    @PromDates2001 - both of those ideas sound fantastic but it really needs to be something that only lasts a couple of hours so we can squeeze it into an afternoon around all of the other things we have to get done in the 3 days before our wedding! 

    It has just occurred to me that a trip to Red Rock Canyon would be right up my street but I'm pretty sure my girls would hate that!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • I love the high tea at Mandarin Oriental idea Jiimanie. Can I just tag along? Lol! Could you maybe do something combined with FI ie, you girls do high tea, they go shooting then the group hangs out together?

    My bachelorette is gonna be a world of debauchery with burlesque dancing, male strippers and a night club. We are going to end the night at the Peppermill though cos im dying to go there. Im also NOT wearing any of that typical bachelorette stuff (ie penis veil, tiara, sash), had to draw a line somewhere.

    Can't wait to say 'I do' on April 14, 2014 - Planning Bio

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  • @missmo14 I am not into the penis accessories either so Marci bought me a lovely parrot head facinator off of Etsy.  I wore a red dress and then all the ladies were wearing black so everybody co-ordinated and we all looked together without being to crazy.  No way I could bring myself to drink out of a penis cup with my Mom there!
  • @missmo14 @J9lawrence I'm right there with you on the accessories/costumes!

    @missmo14 that's exactly what I'm thinking, two short afternoon separate things (get some quality time with my girls) and then all have dinner together. 

    I think high tea is the winning idea right now (I love the fact that they have gluten free options too as both of my sisters have Coeliac's disease so normally something like this would be a no go)

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • P.S. @missmo14 I was going to ask if I could tag along to your meet and greet lol! Sounds like so much fun :)

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • @jiimanie what about lunch at lake las Vegas? It's gorgeous! They have gondolas that take you out for a hour and serve lunch on the boat.
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    @Missmo14 peppermill is the s&_t! 
    We go there after every night out. So much fun and the food is amazing

    The people watching is the best part! Pimps, name it.
  • what about renting a cabana at the pool?  another idea would be a tour to the Hoover Dam, it's about 20-30 minutes from the strip.

    The Mandarin at sunset is really pretty!
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 

  • It has just occurred to me that a trip to Red Rock Canyon would be right up my street but I'm pretty sure my girls would hate that!
    They have zip lining! Its suppose to be pretty cool. We looked at doing it once.

    Unfortunately, I am not much help. I am also doing the Triple D's (debauchery, drinking and dancing). I am super excited but I am into that kind of thing.
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  • I just got back from my wedding and we did High Tea at the Mandarin, it was beautiful, It is very intimate but not in a tight way. They just do not allow that many people up there at the same time, we had 12 people and even though there was other tables around it felt like we were the center of attention. The food was good and they let us stay as long as we wanted.
  • @PromDates2001 that is a pretty good idea, I will look into it, thanks!

    @ktbabe530 we're renting a cabana at The Mirage the day after the wedding so that's out!

    @stoiic25 so glad to hear you had a good time there, sounds awesome!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • Such good ideas everyone!  @missmo14 you're so good and organising stuff!  I thought I was good but you leave me for dead!  @Jiimanie I hope you can work something out.  Keep us in the loop!  Don't forget you've got to enjoy it the most, don't worry if whatever you do isn't what you're 'ladies' would do so much.  You can do the things they want to do at their bachelorette do's - whether you enjoy it or not ;)  Unfortunately my MOH isn't arriving until the afternoon before the wedding (she's shooting a wedding in the UK on the Saturday) and I don't want to do anything that's bachelorette like as it wouldn't seem right with her not there :(
  • Thanks @nixym - I did exactly what my Mom wanted for her bachelorette this year when she remarried so it disappoints me that she hasn't listened to the fact that I don't really want one!

    Its a shame your MOH isn't getting there until the day before, my sister may not be arriving until the Sunday as well so my high tea (or whatever I do) may end up being the day before the wedding (another good reason for less debauchery!) 

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
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