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Gift at a bachlorette party?

Is it appropriate/expected to give gifts at a bachlorette party? I have never run into that situation before, we all pooled together to make sure all of the brides expenses would be paid for for the night/weekend or whatnot, but no one at parties I have been to have given gifts. I've now seen a few times on different boards about people receiving gifts as well. I thought shower were a gift giving occasion, whereas a bachlorette party was more of a going out to have fun sort of event.

Thoughts and/or advice?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Gift at a bachlorette party?

  • Bachelorette parties are past my generation, but I can go on what my daughter has done.  The brides have made/bought cute/funny/cheesy gifts for the ladies who attend.  Tank tops with titles "MOH", etc., fannypacks with names painted on, funny costume jewelry, etc.  I don't really think this is a time to bring gifts for the bride. 
  • No, bachelorette parties are not gift giving occassions. Attendees will often chip in towards the bride's dinner, drinks, or other expenses. Though it is not required to do so.
  • The first (and only) bachelorette party I went to, almost every guest gave the bride a gift and she opened them almost like it was a shower. I really had no idea this was a gift-giving occasion and hadn't brought anything, and I really didn't feel too bad about that fact. Most people gave her lingerie.
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    I give bachelorette party gifts to sisters or sisters in law - and we usually get them wedding night nighties. Otherwise I don't normally give gifts unless it is a hat, button, sash or other token for the bride to use during the night (and for my amusement :-p)
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  • I recently hosted a bachelorette party and never said anything about gifts.  About a week before the party, someone mentioned it on an email thread.  Well, low-and-behold everyone showed up with a gift for the bride (mostly lingerie, like @MrsAitch).  Except me.  I didn't feel too bad about it.  I thought it was a little weird, but ended up incorporating opening the gifts with a game I already had planned.  It turned into a bachelorette-shower-hybrid-thing.  I still think it was awkward.
  • I think it depends on your circle of friends.  Bach parties ARE gift giving events in my group.  I got lingerie and the handful of friends whose bach parties I've attended have also gotten lingerie from the bridal party.
  • I always give one, but I've never felt OBLIGATED to give one. Take queues from your circle. I've given everything from pjs, to gift cards, to scented candles that burn into hot massage oil (awesome!!). It just depends on your group of friends.

  • For my first sister's bachelorette party everyone brought a gift except me and my younger sister. We felt a little bad, but we would not have wanted to buy lingerie for our big sister anyway... I just got an invite that listed "Dessert and gifts" as one of the events of the evening, so I guess I'll be getting a present. :) Not a big deal and really I'm just glad to know ahead of time that everyone else is bringing a gift.
  • I just had my bachelorette party this weekend... (My MOH tricked me by telling me all about the party she had planned for Nov. 16th, and then having me over for a "sleepover" which ended up being a bachelorette party!) I wasn't expecting any gifts, but I did receive some lingerie from my bridal party. I also got stuff like lube, massage oils, and candles. I guess it just depends on your circle.

  • totally depends.  A friend who could not attend my shower brought me a fun gift to the bachelorette party and a friend who could not attend my wedding gave me a fun gift at the bachelorette party.  My bridemaids gave me a bride shirt to wear that night, a bachelorette sash, some underwear, a bell that said "ring for a drink" and then some fun things gag gifts for me and finace to enjoy.

    I personally never brought a gift to a bachelorette party unless it was a fun group gift (like above) when I hosted my friends bachelorette parties.

  • I don't think its necessary or required. A couple of bachelorette parties I've been too as guest and bridesmaids we gave little gifts like sexy underwear or something like that, they have a lot of things at spencer's gifts. The one thing, just make sure the bride doesn't pay for drinks or club fees, that's what we did, we all chipped in for her dinner and then each bought her a drink of her choice . Its really not about giving gifts, just a fun night to party as her last night as a single girl. We also got things for her to wear, if she's into that, like a veil with either penises or condoms, and bride sash, penis straws for all the girls to drink from. I love planning bridal and bachelorette parties.
  • I don't believe it's necessary unless the bm/moh hosting has included a Lingerie party into the bach party.  You should know if this is case as she would have sent you information re: the Bride's sizes.  That being said, I do typically bring a small gift such as sexy undies, VS gift card, or some funny novelty item.  If no official lingerie party is involved, I typically spend $20-25.  

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