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Favorite Friday!

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Here is our weekly post where we talk about our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week!

WR--We did our engagement photo shoot on Monday afternoon and she gave us a sneak peek the next day. I am so excited to see the full suite of images! Plus it was pretty nice to be pampered with hair, makeup, etc prior :) We also (finally) got out our invitations and have had such a nice response to them! (ETA our picture just b/c it makes me happy!)

NWR--Getting SO.CLOSE to getting a MAJOR initiative at work off the ground. We are going to be the first in the state to bring this service to our patients and I am so pumped to seeing this come to fruition. I  work in strategic planning/business development/innovation and by the very nature of the job it takes a LOT to get a project to "stick" (prospecting ideas is not for the faint of spirit). This is not only a major win for our patient, it's also a major resume builder for me. Also...finding my favorite chocolate covered espresso beans at Fresh Market. Sometimes, it's the little things :)

Re: Favorite Friday!

  • WR: tomorrow is finally our engagement party! So excited to celebrate with everyone. The preparations at 90% finish just need to do some pampering and get ready to party!!

    NWR: I finished my paper that's due on Monday but still need to study for my midterm.
  • @mmm4763, love your picture! Looks like it was a beautiful day. Your pups are adorable. :)

    Haven't done a Favorite Friday ever, but since I'm here...

    WR: My mom ordered really awesome fabric for table runners that will be here next week. She is somehow going to make 8 table runners in the week before our wedding + finish making the bridesmaids dresses! Yes, she's awesome. Can't wait to see how the table runners look and the dresses look on all the girls in T minus 15 days!!!

    NWR: We had a conference at work earlier this week that is now done. Our customers enjoyed it and I learned a ton!
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  • @WiscDoll332--Thank you! And I'm glad you joined us on the Favorite Friday. I love doing it b/c amidst the chaos and things to get done it helps to be reminded of the all of the positive things truly going on :)
  • @mmm4763 GREAT photo! you two look so cute and the pups are adorable!!!!

    NWR - my new CAR! woohooooooo! finally got rid of my old boring honda and got a new Mazda CX5. H totally took care of all the negotiating and did an awesome job. We got a good amount for the trade in and the total price of the car was below invoice. I'm so excited - now I just have to get used to being in a much bigger car :)
  • WR - huge sale at Saks right now, so my bridesmaids ordered their dresses - the DVF Zarita dress in blue! It's normally $325, and they ordered it for under $200 (PS is it ok to ask BMs to spend that much on a dress for a destination wedding?)

    NWR - FI is back today. He was OOT for four days. I never sleep well with him gone, so yay!
  • @mmm4763  So adorable!!!!  

    WR:  Bought pete 5 bathing suits and myself a dress.  Got my fake wedding ring and made the last wedding payment.  We still have the flight, suit, dress alterations but everything else seems fine.

    NWR:  We did grocery shopping and pete bought me a rolling pin! 
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  • Thanks all for the sweet comments on our picture :)
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