Rehearsal Dinner Options – DT Milwaukee – 30 ppl - Recommendations??

Does anyone have any good ideas for a budget-friendly rehearsal dinner in downtown Milwaukee? I am not picky on the food - I just don't want to spend as much as I am on the wedding food per person! I am having a hard time finding much that is reasonable. Open to any and all ideas!!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Options – DT Milwaukee – 30 ppl - Recommendations??

  • Joey Buonas does family style italian, I know that Swig has a room too. But those are more in the 3rd ward
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  • Water Street Brewery?
    Red Rock?

    The TGIFridays at Miller Park is unique, but not downtown, obviously.
  • I'm another for Joey Bounas.  It's great food,family style eating, and nearby some of the hotels.  We are having our rehearsal dinner there.

    I've had my college graduation party there along with some other family graduations there and it's worked out great!

    TGIFriday's at Miller Park sounds cool too. 

    Another of our personal favorites is Riverfront Pizza near Summerfest grounds.  They have a private side room that might be able to accomodate 30 people.

  • I had mine at Joey Buona's.  It was great!
    Milwaukee Ale House is good too!
  • Spin!  Food and ping pong!
  • Try Louise's across from Cathedral Square.  We just had ours there (for a larger crowd) and it was wonderful  There is a small private room off the main dining room.  The staff was wonderful to work with as we had a set 3 choice  menu of entree, salad and dessert. Fantastic food!  Then the group expanded at a set time for drinks.  Great spot with no room charge! Very convenient to hotels so guests could walk.
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