Hair/Makeup Trial Disaster

I had my hair and makeup trial today and was not at all pleased with the outcome and have no idea what to do. I brought pictures and explained what I wanted but when  it was done it was awful and I looked so ugly.I have very fair skin and wanted a natural dewy/peaches and cream look. My completion was orange/ yellow, you could see the line at my chin. I thought they were supposed to mix a color for each person when they airbrushed but this was pre manufactured. My eye makeup was extremely heavy and made my eyes look small. My hair was just okay. I did vocalize my concerns and am going back for another trial in March. But when I got to my car I totally freaked out because I got a close up of how how terrible my face looked. I even looked ten years older. Does anyone have any advice? My wedding is not until May but I feel like if I have to find someone else I should do it ASAP.

Re: Hair/Makeup Trial Disaster

  • I think you have plenty of time. There were some suggestions on makeup artists on this same board not too long ago...
  • I asked about good makeup artists recently--here's the thread:

    That sucks about the trial...but at least it happened then and not on your wedding day! I wasn't planning on doing a trial, and my married friends told me they weren't really necessary, but your experience is making me have second thoughts!

  • Check out some other artists. If you don't like the style of your current artist, don't just keep going along with it for fear of making them upset! They want happy brides. 
  • Thanks. I have already booked a trial with another hair/makeup team. I emailed the first person and let her know that I would not be booking with her because of my anxieties. After this experience I would definitely recommend a trial even though they seem to be an unnecessary extra expense

    It just stinks because she was significantly less expensive than everyone else I researched.

     But to feel beautiful on my wedding day will be entirely worth the extra expense

  • Cjhannu, you wouldn't mind sharing who the "dud" was...?  I am currently trying to figure out my hair and makeup, and I can't do a trial until a week before my wedding (stressful), so I would like to save my time and pick someone good the first time!

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