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Have anyone ever had their wedding or know someone that had their wedding at The Village Country Club in Dallas(North Dallas)?? I'm considering having my wedding and reception there but it seems like it may be a little small for the 125 guests I'm having. I want the wedding to be outside and the reception inside but at the same location so my guest won't have to travel. If anyone know anything about this venue please let me know. 

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  • I know there was a girl here who got married there back in 2011, but I can't even find the pics on her photographer's site.  I want to say she had fewer guests than that, but I do know she enjoyed working with them.  You might search for Village Country Club (if the search feature wasn't completely broken when the boards changed) to see if her reviews come up?



  • I found one old Knottie review.

    Village Country Club: A+  We really enjoyed having our wedding here. The venue is nice and is a good neutral slate to decorate as you wish. We set up our ceremony in the round out on the lawn and it was a perfect setup and looked very beautiful under the large tree.

    The restaurant closed to the public at 3pm which allowed my SIL and helpers along with the venue coordinator Chante and her assistants to get in there with enough time to get the entire reception space set up. The space looked so good setup along with the uplighting the DJ provided.

    The setup for the food and the chocolate/champagne fountains was very nice. Everyone we have heard from has raved about the food at the reception. During our tasting the food was good, but the day of it was even better and everyone seemed to love it. The outside was gorgeous and the trees were wrapped with lights so the whole outside patio sparkled at night.

    Chante was a great help that day and helped with all the setup and flow of events. She was also always available via email or phone during the entire planning.

    The only thing that I wished could have been handled better was the ushering of guests out to the ceremony space. My husband and I did a reveal beforehand out in the front side of the Village, and some guests came out to start taking their own pics. Then, when it was time for us to go back in the guests were all in the lobby instead of at the ceremony space so we had to walk through them to get to the dressing rooms. I wish the guests would have been ushered outside to the ceremony space instead of being allowed to hang around in the lobby.

    Other than that, we really love the value we got at the Village and I would definitely recommend it to any budget bride that would like a great venue at a great price.

  • Thanks for the reply

  • Chante no longer works here, but as far as I've seen Jessica is wonderful and very helpful. I've booked my October 2014 reception here. It's a lovely venue and has both indoor and outdoor space with plenty of room. It's the most reasonably priced venue I've seen in all of DFW and their catering menu is fantastic - New York Strip? Yes please. I'm really looking forward to having my reception here.
  • That's great to hear. Thanks!
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