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Looking for Co mtn venue

I am looking for Co mtn venue with beautiful views for oct 2014. Would like event to be at location where all events can take place & where guests can stay. Suggestions? Also, any thoughts on wdg planner in that area ?

Re: Looking for Co mtn venue

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    This is an international board so most of us are not familiar with Colorado.  If you check on the local boards you will have a lot more luck.


    On the right side of the page where it says "Choose another board" click on the drop down menu and select local boards.  Then you can select the one that works best for you.

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  • You are in the completely wrong place. I believe I'm the only one in Colorado on this board. AND your wedding is in October. Not January. Also, when you post a question like that, you need to give more information. What is your budget? What region of the mountains are you looking at? There are a TON of mountain venues in Colorado!

  • Kaddessi - pls take a chill pill!!
  • Excuse you?

    I don't need a chill pill. I was simply explaining everything to you. I also stated everything that anyone else would ask you in the correct boards.

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