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Oh, so THIS is when the stress starts.

I know I'm normally so positive and upbeat, but I just needed to VENT, so here's your warning haha. Everything has gone so smoothly for the last couple of months, and this last week or so has been such a rollercoaster. For starters, my mom was admitted to the hospital for something pretty serious, so there's that. We've also realized that we have two guests (one family, one long-term partner of a friend) who have serious drinking problems and who are likely to cause a scene of some sort if they end up drunk at our wedding, but we can't trust them to promise to be good (ie: not pre-drink), and we don't want anyone to have to police them, so we know all we can do is have the bartender cut them off and hope there's no commotion about it (and with only 35 people at the wedding, any commotion will be noticed). And I finally found the perfect wedding shoes, but they keep trying to deliver them to the wrong address and I didn't find this out until after the second attempt and their customer service doesn't work weekends, so I have to try to get through to them on Monday morning before they either give my really expensive shoes to a stranger or send them back to the US (I'm in Canada). Sigh... End vent :)


Re: Oh, so THIS is when the stress starts.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.  

    As far as your boozey guests... I just went to a wedding last weekend where drinks were served from the start of cocktail hour until dinner was served and then guests had to pay for anything they wanted to drink after dinner.  The paying part is always tacky to me, but the I wonder if there is a way to implement the cut off without depriving the "more responsible" guests.  For a group of 35, there's a good chance that the 2 who might be cut off to get frustrated if they see other people are still being served.  

    And I already said something to you on another board about the shoes - you will get to the bottom of it.  You're always so positive on here!  Don't let the turkeys get you down (see what I did there? haha), it's all going to work out :)
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    Thanks! :) I find the paying part tacky, too, and I know that FI would never, ever consider it anyway. We would only cut them off if they were at the point of being over-served, which is sadly something they're both used to. They do get frustrated about it and they've each thrown drunken tantrums on occasion as a result, but I know that them drinking to excess results in even worse behaviour, so we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also, love the turkey reference! Haha :) I'll just be much more relieved when my pretty shoes are on my feet :)

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