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Second Weddings

Does anyone else NOT want to plan their wedding?

First off don't hate me LOL I'm just not that into this...

So this is my 3rd marriage. The 1st was a JP wedding, no planning, no reception. My 2nd...I actually planned the whole thing, dates set, deposits made etc etc and I found out I was getting deployed so we married in the pastors office and I got deployed a month later.  2 years later I replanned the SAME wedding (yes i know shoot me it was a PPD I didnt know that was wrong at the time!!!) and we renewed our vows. (Unfortunatly only one of us was serious about hose vows!)

Anyway...after all of that I really get no joy over planning a wedding. Thankfully my fiance doesnt want a big wedding and we are just going to do a vegas thing and a party (not a reception) after.

Is there anyone else here that is in the same boat and really isnt that "into" planning? All I know is I want to marry the man I love and thank God I found someone who didn't see a twice divorced single Mom and run!

Re: Does anyone else NOT want to plan their wedding?

  • Congratulations!! And welcome to the board!! 

    There is nothing wrong with not wanting to plan a big to-do. Have the wedding you want, and can afford.  Some of the ladies on this board had planned elopements, some had intimate ceremonies, some went to the JoP.  There isn't a wrong way to get married. 

  • I totes was NOT into wedding planning. I wanted a small ceremony and reception, 20 people tops, and done! My FI however wants the whole shebang! Gosh darn it!!!! But now I'm getting kind of into it. I know I can do it without spending too much and in excited to marry the man I love. I am stressed about the food and dj and stuff and would NOT want to do that again if I hadndone it the first time!

    I don't think anyone will blame you or hate you lol
  • If it wasn't for Vegas I would just hire a wedding planner and say "do what you want here is your budget, tell us when to show up" I just have too much other stuff to worry about. LOL We are going to have a really good time in Vegas!

  • I'm 3 times divorced and  single mom. I have some of the same feelings you do. I'm leaning towards Vegas :-)
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