Any other 2015 Brides out there?

How are you in the planning process? We booked our date at the beginning of this month - June 13, 2015 at Lighthouse Point Carousel (I'm so excited!) Now we're looking for a band but everyone is so expensive :( Our other problem is that so many vendors haven't even considered 2015 pricing, even though 2013 is practically over. I'm hoping this works out in our favor since some vendors have been offering 2014 pricing since they haven't set prices yet. Anyone else running into this?

Re: Any other 2015 Brides out there?

  • I'm getting married in 2014 but we had a 21 month engagement so we ran into this last year. Everyone just gave us 2013 pricing, some offered it right up front others I had to ask but they honored it since we signed our contracts in 2013...
  • We booked our 4-25-15 wedding in December. All of our vendors just extended 2014 prrices...I haven't run into any issues with planning yet *fingers crossed*
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