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Gold and SIlver together?

Hi there! I was just looking for some quick opinions. I really want tall candlestick or candelabra looking centerpiece stands. I was hoping to find glass/crystally looking ones, but that seems to be very difficult to find. There are silver or mercury glass ones that seem to be out there and some gold. The gold stands I've seen are way to bright gold so silver seems to be the best option. I'm wondering if I could have silver stands and gold chivary chairs, because I really don't like the silver ones. Would gold and silver clash or would this be something people wouldn't notice. My other colors for florals etc are dark/bright purple and light green Thanks for your help!

Re: Gold and SIlver together?

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    Nobody will notice, especially once the room is full and people are sitting down.  Don't worry about it!
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    Gold and silver don't really clash...they are both neutrals. Some don't like to mix the two but it's more a matter of preference, not really whether they clash..
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    Agreed- they don't clash (I have a gold and silver watching- makes matching my watch to whatever other jewelry I want to wear easy). More of a personal preference that people don't like to mix them. 

    I think it'll look fine. 
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