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Hello lovelies! 

Are any of you ladies doing weightlifting? What does your week of workouts look like? I have been lifting for a while... BUT I don't necessarily have it planned out (:

Re: Weightlifting...

  • I try and lift 3-4 times a week. Usually I do an upper body work out, lower body work out and then a full body work out. 

    I love to use Kettle Bells. I also don't spend more than 30 minutes lifting.  5-6 exercises and I am out the gym. 

    I am working alot on upper body right now. Trying to get my collarbones to show and working on my upper back.  
  • I CrossFit 5 or 6 days a week, so the lifts are pretty much planned out for us.  I usually do back squats, front squats, and deadlifts most weeks, often push press or push jerk, and sometimes bench press.  I also do a lot of kettlebells, pullups/pushups, thrusters, and cleans built into the actual metabolic conditioning portion of the workout. Before I did crossfit, I'd rotate lower body/upper body 4-5 days a week.  Now that I focus on one major lift a day, and then incorporate other lifts into the metcon portion, I've gotten stronger overall and seen better results.
  • I lift 3 times a week. I focus on muscle groups, the specifics vary. This is my current schedule. Copy and pasted from my phone notes. It changes every few months or so. I don't really have it down but I am seeing good results currently.

    "Day 1
    Legs- squat, calves, hams/quads
    Back-one exercise
    Shoulders-one exercise
    Power work-Tire flips, or cleans

    Legs- lunges, calves, in and out
    Chest- incline, decline
    Back-two exercise

    Shoulders-one exercise
    Chest-one exercise
    Arms- two or three exercise
    Agility - speed ladder or tire work

    A one exercise only counts if I super set it."
  • I wrote this for my sister and decided to keep it for myself as well. This is my current LIFTING schedule, so it's not including any cardio: (big muscle groups need about 3-4 different exercises to make sure you hit it completely. smaller can be 2-4) 


                   Plank: normal and side. 1 minute each, repeat 3 times

                   Plank: 2 minutes straight of knee crunching in to opposite elbow

                   Leg lifts

                   Bicycles+ pulse crunch: side to side 4 times, then 8 pulses up the middle. 3X12 (3 sets of 12)

    Tuesday: Arms

    Biceps: (you need to make sure you hit the long head AND short head)

                   Stand Barbell curl: 3 sets (ex: 20lb for set 1 of 12 reps, 30lb set 2 for 8, 40lb set 3 for 6 reps)

                   Preacher curls: 3 sets (if you have a spotter to help)

                   Hammer curls: 3 sets, alternating

                   Angled out curls (ie, wide grip): 3 sets with one set being: 4 curls, 10 mid range pulses X 3

    (isolation move)

    Triceps: (triceps are STRONGER than biceps naturally. Do not cheat yourself. You should be going heavier than you thing on this muscle)

                   Tricep bench press: 3-4sets, use barbell

                   Tricep pull down: 3-4 sets, use the cables

                   Skull crushers: 3 sets, barbell or dumbbells

                   Tricep kick backs: 3 sets, dumbbells, one side at a time

                   Finish with tricep pushups (on the knees is fine) until you can’t do anymore

    Wednesday: Chest/Back (feel free to break this up. These are huge muscles groups)


                   Bench press: 3 sets, (you should be going heavy enough that you require a spotter)

                   Around the world pushups: 2X12 drop to the left, down to the middle, right, and back up, then 2             pushups down the center. On the second set, start on the right.

                   Incline Dumbbell Press: 3 sets (should require a spotter)

                   Incline or flatbench dumbbell flies: 3 sets (also, consider using the bands instead of dumbbells)

    Back: (upper and lower lats, middle back, lower back.. The back is a huge group with a lot going on and it’s easy to miss a part.)

                   Dead lifts to single rows: 3 sets, barbells

                   Stiff Leffed deadlifts: 2 sets. This is a dangerous move for the lower back, so if you feel you can’t

                   do it safely, don’t.

                   Wide grip rows: 3 sets (don’t forget to hold for a second at the top)

                   Lat pull down: 3-4 sets (cable machine

                   Full bridge or modified bridge pose: 5X hold for 30 seconds, release

                   Bent arm dumbbell pull over (If you combine back days with tri day this is an AMAZING one sure

                   to make your lat dorsi and triceps sore. Do it at the END as your last move. It’s the closer :P )

    Thursday: Rest or Leg day (if you want a leg day), showing options to combine with shoulder day

                   Walking, weight lunges: 3 sets, barbell.

    Combine with shoulders: do shoulder presses with dumbbells at the same time.

                   Squat rack (this is the time to truly load up)

                   Sumo Squats: 3 sets, heavy dumbbell, hold down in front of you.

    Combine with shoulders: front raises with dumbbell when squatting

                   Box Jumps (2-3ft is high enough) to BURPEES!!!!! Hold 3-5lb weights in your hands during these.

    3sets of 12 in the pattern box jump to burpees to box jump to…

    Single legged squats: 3X10 (grab a 10-40lb weight once you have established solid balance)

    To combine with shoulders: use lesser weights for lateral raises during squats

    Friday: Shoulders (and bi or tri if one isn’t sore anymore)

                   Mac Raise: 3-4 sets. (listen to some dubstep and feel like a badass)

                   Shoulder press: 3 sets with one set being: 4 presses, 10 mid range pulses X 3

    (isolation move)

                   Upright row: 3 sets, machine, barbell, or dumbbell. Lifter’s choice.

    Saturday: Rest, balance work and/or or misc lift (call this left overs day. Lift whatever isn’t sore)

                   Balance work includes:

                   Single legged balance on the bosu ball ß- HUGE for injury prevention

                   Single legged squats

                   Single legged jump rope

                   Advanced side plank (one leg in the air, rather than on the ground)

                   Yoga poses of choice

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