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It was cheaper for everyone to rent a beach house for my do i ask guests to pitch in?

So while doing some research on hotels for my key west wedding I came accross a private beach "compound" with multiple cottages surrounding a pool. Im inviting approx 40 ppl to my wedding all family and close friends. Before i put the down payment on the houses i called all the guests individually and asked if this is something they were interested in doing rather than a hotel (it would be $200 per couple cheaper and much more private than a hotel, $350 per person for the whole week) they all agreed so I payed the down payment and signed the rental agreement. We are going to provide brkfst everyday, a few dinners, and majority of the alcohol for the week Im getting married next Sept and its getting to be time for the STDs and I dont know how to word in the "accommodations" part all of the information needed like who to send the money to and how much! It sounds super tacky to say "Please send payment to the bride and groom by such and such date" I talked to the realtor and she wont let me have my guests make their payment directly to her, it has to come to me first! UGH!! I am also including other options for hotels in the area on the STDs just in case. How do you ask your wedding guests to send you money for their accomodations?! Im feeling gross about it but they all did agree before i booked. Any formal wording advice for my invites and STDs? Im starting to think it would have been easier to just reserve a block of rooms and let them pay more...

Re: It was cheaper for everyone to rent a beach house for my do i ask guests to pitch in?

  • This question is asked every so often on the Etiquette board. I don't want to speak for everyone over there (they're pretty knowledgeable!), but you could check out that board to see what is recommended.

    Hope that's sort of helpful.
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  • @twiggy327

    Welcome to the Destination wedding board. I already responded to you, but I don't think your predicament is that bad. You can definitely work with it. I don't really see it as being too different from regular dw plans.

    Just send out the save the dates as usual, include information to your wedding website and put all the deposit amounts, dates, etc. on there. You can create a paypal account or something else for the guests to send their money to. 

    The only downside you might experience is the cases in which people might change their mind and you might be left to pay the difference. Hopefully that won't happen, but be prepared for it just in case. 

    Good luck and please stick around. Us DW girls are very friendly! 
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