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Super Bowl Sunday Traffic NY/NJ :-/

Hi All! 

I'm looking at a gorgeous hall in New Jersey. The only date available to us is February 2nd -Super Bowl Sunday. 

I'm incredibly nervous about traffic to and from the wedding. We have the whole day with the venue, so we can play with times (start at 12 or 1PM, etc...), and the manager we saw reassured me it wouldn't be a problem... But I'm not sure.

Any thoughts? Advise? Help? :)

Thanks ladies!! 

Re: Super Bowl Sunday Traffic NY/NJ :-/

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    my FI is a sports nut and there are many others in my family. is there truly no other day available? you may have alot of grumpy guests checking their phones all afternoon. traffic will be least of your issues. if you choose it, try for as early in the day as possible. i think the game itself is around 4p or 6p. 
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    I agree...wouldn't be as worried about traffic as about people not showing up or jetting out early. 
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    I agree with cruffino & mm0406 - I would be highly upset if my father or maid of honor or the best man were giving their speeches and instead of listening and you know taking pics like everyone does at a wedding, they were looking down at their phone and not paying any attention at all. Or worse, getting up and leaving so they could get home in time to watch the game.

    Other people might not notice, but usually the B & G face the guests, so you would definitely notice this. 
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    Thanks Ladies! 

    If we did choose that date, I think we would try for an early wedding. Like 12-1PM, so everyone can start leaving at 5-6pm anyway (when the game starts, if people are real football fans). 
    Ceremony and reception are in the same place, so no traveling. But still, nerve racking (in terms of traffic)...
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    Sorry I couldn't say anything about traffic. I live in upstate NY so I have no idea how traffic is in your area =( Best of luck! 
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    edited October 2013

    Traffic will be bad but depending on the area your driving from. Usually when going into MetLife Stadium there is more traffic going off of route 3 right around the turnpike area but this also depends on which way your guests are driving from.  Most traffic though tries to be managed off of route 3 on the back roads around the stadium which will help manage the traffic on major highways. 

    Considering since it is Superbowl I'd imagine there would be more back up, slightly maybe even affecting route 46 that leads to route 3.  People just go for the tailgating even though they are not attending the actual game which is what will cause alot more traffic.  I'm thinking though tailgaters may try and get there much earlier so hopefully your afternoon ceremony won't be extremely affected.  There could be ways or directions to bypass it depending on where your venue is.

    Where is your venue exactly located?

    Anyway, overall I'm sure it will be fine.  Hopefully your guests should know to leave their homes earlier.  I know it's easier said than done but try not to sweat it.  Everything will be fine. :)  Oh and I also agree with the others...I guess maybe people would be thinking of the game more than focusing on speeches and things like that and maybe people might leave early.  But hey, if your throwing a good shindig, ya never know. Personally I am a big football fan but if a good friend is getting married I'd be paying attention when the wedding highlights are done (such as speeches (don't like this drag though), ceremony etc) I'd then be checking my ESPN app, lol. Not leave a party early if it's a good time, good food, but that's just me.  Then again the Giants aren't looking good, but that's another story, lol. With that being said, I think I'd be more worried if a local football team would make it to the SB.

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