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Mason Jars Instead Of Glass Cups?

We are having a vintage carnival theme, our colors are turquoise/aqua and red. If it helps our venue is at an art museum with the main color being white in the venue. Now we were thinking of using mason jars with white and red stripped straws like the ones below, instead of your traditional glass water cup. But not sure if it would come off as "cheesy tacky" instead of "vintage cute". Would really like to hear your opinions?




Re: Mason Jars Instead Of Glass Cups?

  • Mason jars are actually kind of a pain in the ass to drink out of, since they're thick-walled and have threading around the rim. I guess the straws will help with that, but I still think it's more trouble than it's worth. Maybe instead, you could have regular water glasses and stick the straws in one or two mason jars so people can take them if they want. 
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