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Small Celebratory Dinner/Reception

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Just looking for a little advice on venues.
Fiancé and I decided to keep the wedding simple/small and use the money we've painstakingly saved to treat ourselves to a badass honeymoon.

The idea is to have a beachside ceremony followed by a dinner reception. Max guests would be 40, but closer to the 30 range.
My question is this: What are some good places (preferably waterfront) that would be great for an intimate gathering such as this?

We wouldn't have a DJ - just dinner and drinks with the fam

Re: Small Celebratory Dinner/Reception

  • That size party is perfect for my favorite, Bimini Boatyard.  The larger room looks out on the river, you can have several high top tables outside as well.  The wall that faces the water is all glass.
    Most importantly, the food NEVER disappoints.  Their catering director is Patti, and she is really wonderful.  You can do a really nice 3 course dinner for 30-35 dollars per person and drinks are basically pay as you go, so no huge pre-set bar fee.  It's a 5-10 minute ride from the beach.
    As a nice side benefit, valet parking is always free.
  • Thank you or the reply.  I was just paroosing through some of the other posts and Bimini Boatyard popped up quite a few times. 

    Will definitely be making a few calls - thanks for the lead!!


  • The Chart House would be worth looking into. HTH!

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