WEDDING DJ and hiring a DJ with a license.

HI ladies, im just wondering if any of you have heard of weddings being "shut down" and bride/groom being responsible for fees up to 15k for hiring a dj who is unlicensed.  Ive been hearing a lot mostly at bridal shows and im wondering if this is important or not.  Obviously the cheaper route is to have a dj without this so called license.  Please let me know your thoughts.  They are called AVLA or SOCAN licenses.


Re: WEDDING DJ and hiring a DJ with a license.

  • I've never heard of DJs needing a licence!
  • Our DJ has said license and he explained to me that it means his music is legit and he is legally allowed to play it. Its kind of like the radio stations paying royalities to musician's. Our venue also charged us a SOCAN fee for the use of music it wasn't much maybe around 50-70 bucks? So I guess if they don't have said license you could get charged for illegal reproducing copy righted material.
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