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alternative metal wedding band

I want to surprise my fiancee with his wedding band i absoulutly love the diversity of styles when it comes to palladium my engagement ring is over the top beautiful i would like for his band to be just as awesome as mine  do you think palladium would be to cheap per say i  would like for his ring to have a little pizazz without looking  girly what do you guys think

Re: alternative metal wedding band

  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    I think you should take your FI ring shopping to make sure he likes the same style you like.  He is the one who has to wear it.
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  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be mod
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    I would tend to agree with April.

    My hibs has a palladium ring. We chose it bc he wanted a white gold look, palladium gives you that without the need to have it dipped. White gold has a coating that makes it look white, but over time the coat wears off and it returns to a gold color and has to be redipped.

    His ring was not cheap, but it was MUCH cheaper than platinum. I want to say it want $600 - $700 at our jewelers - Caritoi Jewelers on Cleveland Ave. They have several finishes and options. Hubs tried them all on and selected one I wouldn't have expected - hence why I'd agree with April on not surprising him.

    One thing to consider is the finish - if he is hard on the it or does a lot of work with his hands it will get dinged and scrapped up. I'm not sure what kind of style you are looking at when you say pizazz :) GL!
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  • My husband and I got Palladium rings because we wanted the white gold look and our jeweler suggested it because of everything photokitty said. 

    I agree though that you should take him with you, or at least have him pick out styles that he likes. If he's anything like my husband, it's the only piece of jewelry that he's worn and when we tried on rings, he was surprisingly picky about how some rings felt (the ones that were really chunky bothered him quite a bit, as did some of the squarer styles, for lack of a better word). 
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  • thanx you guys 

  • Ok so I took my fh to pick out his band and just like yoy guys said i was over reacting it was just anotherpeice of jewelry to him he wanted the most comfortable.peice nothing spectacular 6mm white gold comfort fit thanks all
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