Theme, but not a Theme Wedding??

I'm trying to avoid putting together a theme wedding per se, but I would like to overall include things that FI and I love or love to do together. I'm worried though that this is all going to look like a mess or like we didn't put much thought into it when really I'm probably putting more thought into it than I should lol.

So far, we're thinking chocolate and champagne/ gold for colors and I'd like to stay fairly consistent there.

FI grew up in NYC, going there is how we spend a lot of our free time, and we have so many meaningful places there.  We both love the subway (I love to photograph there, he's into the history).  For NYC Subway elements, I would like to have a subway map as a seating chart (printed in a sepia tone), but keep the place cards with a simple flourish to match the other stationary. We would like to make the table numbers pictures of subway stops for places we've been together, maybe with a little blurb about something we did at that place in the city or why it's important to us (this would be on chocolate brown card stock, on picks stuck into the centerpieces).  We are considering potted mums wrapped with sepia toned subway maps for centerpieces (alternately, I could wrap the pots in brown or gold fabric or paper).  For favors, I am considering either monogrammed sugar cookies (possibly frosted to look like subway train letters) or black & white cookies (they can be frosted in any color, but that's the type of cookie) in clear bags with a chocolate and gold bow.  

Then I'm worried that the non-NYC elements are going to look silly.  Our cake is going to be like the Lego cake here , but in a golden yellow color, because FI proposed by having the groom in that same topper hold my ring.  Our guestbook is along this idea (FI and I are restoring his '73 VW Fasty together).

I know this is a lot, but is this all going to work or do I need to pick something and stick with it (again, I really do not want a "theme" wedding so I'm channeling Stacy London who says "things don't have to match, they have to go together).  Any input appreciated, thanks!!

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Re: Theme, but not a Theme Wedding??

  • If there was ever a time to bring all sorts of not normal pairings together, it is absolutely your wedding. Your wedding is a celebration of you and your significant other so you should feel free to bring in any element of your relationship you choose! I think the idea of a subway map and subway stations is adorable for the seating element! Many couples name tables after places they've been together, and your idea to combine the map AND the tables is just perfect! The cake is perfect if that's how he proposed! And as far as the guestbook, I think thats the perfect wY to bring the VW into your day, it's subtle, and a happy memory for you both. It seems like you're making a conscious effort to make colors and tones go along together, which Stacey London would love- showing both of your personalities, while making everything come together with a theme of color!

  • Thanks!  I agree that this is the time to tie together some things that normally wouldn't be together.  I think keeping the different elements to the color scheme should work in keeping these things from all being "in your face," which is what I don't want.  I was at a candy themed wedding earlier this year and it was over-the-top, in-your-face, bordering on something out of Willy Wonka.  I wanted to run this by people who aren't going to say "it's your day, do what you want."  I appreciate the feedback!!
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  • I completely understand! I am having a similar problem- we are getting married at the Carousel at Lighthouse Point a- because it's beautiful, and b- because we LOVE amusement parks and carnivals, so we are trying to tie that theme into the wedding without it just becoming a circus of over the top ridiculousness.

  • I ADORE the Carousel at Lighthouse Point!!  That's an amazing venue!  We considered it, then moved our date to November and they only book to October so we switched to the Inn at Middletown (which has red and green carpeting/ curtains/ chairs/ focal walls to contend with lol).  

    Amusement park/ carnival can definitely be done.  I was stalking these people's wedding pictures when LPP was a contender for our wedding venue.  I love everything about this wedding- I think they did a great job of playing to the carousel/ carnival theme without it being a disaster. If you scroll down to where the reception photos are, there are some great classy carnival ideas (I love the ride tickets as table/ place cards, and the font for her stationary).
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  • That is almost exactly what we are going for, thank you! I hadn't seen that wedding yet in my search. David's Bridal has some invitations and Save the Dates with a similar font, which we've been considering. We were looking at Seasons at The Tradition, which has Sage green accent walls- which I would have to say was definitely a reason we didn't go with them. It seems like such a small thing, but I really can't fathom why an event hall would use any colors other than neutrals- white, champagne, ivory, cream etc. Lucky for me the building around the carousel is just white! :)

  • Oh I hear you there!  I loved that LPP was essentially a blank slate.  I've loved the Inn at Middletown ever since it was restored and we wanted something with a lot of charm.  We almost changed our mind until we saw the room with the green focal wall.  At that point, chocolate, sage, and champagne were my first color choices.  So we ditched adding more green and are leaving it at chocolate and champagne (how can those two things together be a bad thing?? lol) so it worked out. 

    Now, if we hadn't been considering green as a color (like we weren't considering red), I would have skipped it.  My mother laughed when I cared what the carpeting at some of these places looked like.  Then I reminded her that we were "surprised" with red and black zebra print shag carpeting in the bathrooms at my first wedding.  Five years later, people still talk about how great the food was and how awful that carpet was!  I get where a hotel that primarily uses its ballroom or other large rooms for meetings or job fairs might not consider the carpeting, but in venues where they pretty much only do weddings I don't get the loud walls or loud carpeting.  
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  • I agree, you can have all the components you want. It is your day. Plus, details like your guest book and cake will be seen by guests separately from each other. I don't think everything needs to match at all, because no one will notice, and everything matching may be overkill!

    If you have not done engagement photos yet and you plan to, maybe take some in the Subway! If your save the dates are in the Subway it could pull some of the elements together without being a real theme. 

  • I definitely want to avoid matchy-matchy overkill, I think after typing it out and seeing the responses I realize this will all work and not look like a hodge podge of junk thrown together or a kid's birthday party.  

    We did e-pics with a family friend already who needed to update her portfolio.  We send save-the-dates in April/ May for our November wedding and we won't have an engagement session with our photographer until after that.  I love the idea of having them in the Subway! We are thinking about using the pictures we already had taken and adding something like "Save the Date for our next stop" to them.  Those are details I have time to obsess over lol. Thanks!
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