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Checks & recommendations for CAKE!!

I finally picked a florist and I'm very happy with them, and I ordered and already sent out my save the dates. I went with Walgreens, since I work there and got a very cute lay out and got a big discount on the save the dates ( coupon ) plus my employee discount. I'm still collecting some mailing addresses so I sent a bunch out yesterday and the rest I'll send out this week.


My next big decision is CAKE, any suggestions?

Re: Checks & recommendations for CAKE!!

  • Congrats on the checks!

    I'm probably going with Publix. I love their cake & don't want anything elaborate anyway.


  • Publix Greenwise. They were extremely attentive and professional during the cake tasting and it was DELICIOUS. We went to a highly recommended bakery in Pembroke Pines, Eddas Cakes, and the tasting was completely unprofessional and the cake was not that appealing. Good luck!
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  • Hey! I am not sure what you want or what your budget is, but you should look into Elegant Temptations, the owner Rosie does amazing work. 
  • Also, not knowing what your budget it, Ana Paz in Miami does a spectacular cake!  
  • We used Susie's Scrumptious Sweets.  We got so many compliments on the cake (design and taste!).  She will do something more simple or more elaborate.  We went with Pina Colada cake that had pineapples in it.  
  • I though about going publix as well, anyone heard anything about elite cakes? I was recommend by my florist, my mom has Susie scrumptious and she does have great cakes. I can not see paying more then 500.00 to 600.00 for a cake.


    thanks for all the suggestions.

  • You can never go wrong with some delicious Publix cake!!

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  • We heard Publix was awesome and thought about going with them. We're big into cupcakes though and wanted to have a ton of flavors so we ended up going with The Lollipop Tree (I have dreams about our strawberry shortcake and key lime cupcakes).
  • Oh! And we had our florist use extra flowers to decorate the tiered stand. If we were going to have a Publix cake she offered to decorate that with the fresh flowers too, and suggested doing just a whipped buttercream frosting kind of like this http://bios.weddingbee.com/pics/103529/dramatic_stucco-y.jpg
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