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Dang It

It's been Tuesday for 12 hours and didn't nobody say nothin!  lol.

with your chest fam.  geaux!

Re: Dang It

  • I've been waiting for this.  I'll be back!!!! Grrrrrrrrr......
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  • Dear Slackers,

    If you expect my husband and I to attend your destination weddings in 2014 we need a save the date or something. Despite popular belief we do need to save for these events.


    image Anniversary
  • I was waiting....

    Dear Mr Supervisor

    Im soo happy you found out that you have the retirement package and you are out the door but uhh dont act like you cant get knocked down off your high horse..


    Your Employee That Cant Wait For You To Leave

    Dear Mom

    I understand you are such a busy beaver but uhh id appreciate some kind of help with watching your grandson with always having to pay you money.. smh this is your only grandson!!


    Your Only Child

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • Dear People:

    I hate you. Okay, not ALL people. 

    Dear Bridesmaid/Coworker,

    Please get over yourself wilst you plan my work shower. If someone offers you money to support me, don't refuse it because YOU don't like them.

    Dear "Coordinator"

    Please get out of your feelings if I've elicited help from others for the wedding day.  Your vague answers to my questions brings me no comfort.

    To be continued....

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  • marsm4 said:

    Dear "Coordinator"

    Please get out of your feelings if I've elicited help from others for the wedding day.  Your vague answers to my questions brings me no comfort.

    I totally agree with this^^^^^

    I had to tell my coordinator the exact same thing this morning. She was all in her feelings cause I want to do my own invites. I told her Gurl Bye!!!

    Dear MOH, 
    I am sorry you did not have a real wedding, but you will not use my wedding to replace what you wish you had. If you go with me to bridal shop one more time and try on wedding gowns, I will have you dismissed. Seriously!!!
    Signed The Bride soon to be your former friend if you act up.

    Dear Coworker who never speaks to me
    Oh since you found out I was getting married you now want to speak. Ummm NO. You will not be invited and its my wedding not the party of the week....
    Signed I will kick your butt if you leave your address on my desk one more time.
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  • Dear cousin the called me and asked for 3 extra people on your rsvp,
    do not try to stress me out by telling me you have no where to stay and 
    that you did not get the hotel information card. I know you did because it was
    attached to the rsvp that had 5 seats yet YOU CALLED TO ADD 3 MORE PEOPLE.
    Please note that the hotel reservation is also on the wedding website that was on the 
    save the date that you CALLED ME AND TOLD ME YOU RECEIVED......

    SIGNED SORRY FOR YOU.. and better hope the room block is still up even though 
    I told you it was going to go away LAST WEDNESDAY 

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • Dear So and So,

    If you come whining to me one more time I am going to wrap you up like a ball and roll you down the hallway.  Pull up your big panties and deal with it.  

    Love is the ultimate superpower.   
    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

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