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I dont understand group

Nearly all of my wedding guests (40ish) will be flying out of Pittsburgh to Key West for my wedding and I want as many of us on the same flight as possible. Ive contacted various airlines about group flights and im still confused. AA gave me a promo code for a wopping 5% off but they cant use it until 4 days before our deaprture date...strange. Anyone have any advice and tips on group travel accomodations?

Re: I dont understand group

  • It's awesome that you even got 5% out of AA! I asked my travel agent about this, and she said that group travel rates are rare these days. You could try going through a TA, but a lot of them can be superstitious, and advise against it. This is all according to my TA, and could be total BS.
  • With your wedding being held in the US, and thus not a really complicated flight arrangement, I honestly wouldn't worry about ensuring everyone is on the same flight. That seems like a lot of stress on you, especially if you have to have a certain number of people book using the code to receive the discount.

    You could provide the discount code offered by AA to everyone invited, assuming there is not a minimum number who need to book to receive the discount, but also let people make their own travel arrangements. It's a lot less stressful to do that, believe me! Everyone attending our wedding next weekend in Florida will be flying in. We didn't even think to provide a discount code for any airlines and it all worked out. People made their own flight arrangements and contacted us with questions. On our wedding website, we just provided a list of airports within a 2-hour radius of Tampa. Maybe that's an option for you?

    Also, strange that guests can't use the discount code until 4 days before your departure date. I am not a travel agent, but my FI and travel a lot, so my question is, could people actually use the code up until 4 days before your departure date? Perhaps a call AA would clarify, because that seems strange.

    Hope that helps!
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  • I feel like a bonehead. I did call last night and the director told me that they can use the code starting october 1st and could travel within a week before or after my wedding date with the code. Ugh! she probably thought I was a wackadoo I started laughing on the phone. There is a 10 ticket min and i have 9 secured so im kind of biting my nails wondering what to do. Ill probably not do anything at all and just list our flight # and time if they want to TRY and fly with us. thanks all!
  • When is your wedding? I would guess you will get at least one more person, if not two, who want in on a 5% discount code for a flight! Any discount for a flight is hard to pass up. It will all work out. :)
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