Favors - How Many?

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Of all things, I am stressing about the kind and number of favors to have.  What is the right amount to give out.  I love shopping and am afraid I'll go WAY over budget for the favors, because I want the guests to like them and feel special.  Help!!!

Re: Favors - How Many?

  • Favors aren't necessary, but if you really want them, plan on one per person. Edible favors like chocolate, cookies, or jam are best. Regardless of what you choose, don't be upset if some are left behind.
  • Ditto PP.  One per person is usually good.  However, if you are doing something like cookies, you might want to a few in a package and have one package of cookies per person.
  • Edible is best, and one per person (no one wants to share something yummy!)
  • FOOD do food! And you need one per person. 
  • One per person. We did chocolate suckers, there weren't any left even though there were an extra 20 favors. Not sure where those ended up, but I'm sure someone enjoyed them.  :)

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