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DW and transportation! Help!

Hey everyone- I am new to this board but came across it and thought 'THANK GOD!' haha So my current dilemma in planning (live in Boston, wedding in Florida.. so not 100% DW but still semi-DW) is transportation. I came across a pin that had a couple tips but wondering if someone might have any advice on wedding day transportation. It seems like most transportation companies are going to cost so much money!! We are only expecting 60-70 guests so that is going to be at least 2 trips (thinking biggest vehicle would only fit 30ppl max) and we are going to need rides from Hotel to Ceremony (on beach) to Reception and back to Hotel after reception... This isn't considering how the bridal party will get to and from everywhere... I had in mind we would ride separately in a limo or something? The thought of it all and just writing it all out reads dollar signs to me and I don't know if I can really get away with providing wedding transportation without spending a fortune. Of course this isnt an optional idea, we definitely are going to provide it, but if anyone could give me ideas to save money, or if anyone has a guest count around my size with a rough estimate of what I'm in for ($$) that would be awesome!! Thanks so much!!

Re: DW and transportation! Help!

  • I am getting married in Hawaii, our ceremony is 45 mins from Waikiki so we are booking a bus to get our guests from the hotel area, to the ceremony and then from the ceremony back to the reception. It is costing us $100p/h for a bus of 40 people I think.

    We really wanted to do it, people have spent so much to come and see us get marred (Australia and Canada to Hawaii) and we wanted to make this easier for them. A worthy expense for us!

  • Thanks for the reply! I expected an amount in that range, and its true our guests are coming far to see us get hitched..its the least we could do ;)
  • Could you check out a bus or coach rental? It might save on the number of trips to/from the ceremony and reception and also be comparable or perhaps even less than doing a limo with multiple trips. 

    Are your ceremony location and venue set? If not, could you have it so your venue is within a quick walk of the ceremony location? Our ceremony and reception next weekend (also on the beach in Florida!) are at the same venue, so we fortunately avoided transportation costs.

    Will let you know of any other ideas come to mind!
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  • Maybe check with the hotel to see if you can arrange shuttles with them for at least one of the trips in case that's cheaper.  Otherwise, I would suggest posting this on the local board for wherever in Florida you're getting married, and maybe some of those ladies would have ideas.  Good luck!
  • I am getting married in key west next year and have the exact same dilemma. I need rides for 40 ppl from the beach house to the ceremony, from ceremony to reception and back to house. I got quoted by a charter service at over a thousand dollars...needless to say im going to keep looking and comparing prices. But seriously!? the keys are 3 miles wide and theyre going to charge that much?
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