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DW beach ceremony... receiving line?

Our ceremony is going to be on the beach... after the ceremony we are going to have around an hour-ish to take pictures with bridal parties etc. I didn't really think about the receiving line until I came across a few etiquette Q&As and I realized this is an etiquette "must have". I just don't know how this will work with a beach ceremony and then guests needing to be transported to reception and wedding party + family having pictures taken afterward... Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

Re: DW beach ceremony... receiving line?

  • I am getting married in Hawaii and likely will not be doing a receiving line. We will be doing photos and we have to be out of our ceremony venue by a certain time. Since we are having a smallish wedding (60 invited, expecting about 30-40 hopefully!) we plan to spend time chatting to people at the reception.
  • I think thats what we will end up doing to. We also have timeline to stick to and I can't see trying to form a receiving line as being a smooth process at all. Maybe its not too complicated though.. I was just surprised after reading about the importance of it and how its a must according to wedding etiquette.
  • We plan to do what @MissMWood is doing. Time is tight, and with a smaller wedding (we'll have 45 guests), so we should be able to chat with everyone at the reception, or even the night before at a cocktail hour we're hosting.
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  • We are going straight into photos after the wedding ceremony while guests have a cocktail hour. Then we will mingle with them towards the end of the cocktail hour and right into the reception. So no receiving line for us.

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  • Don't worry about doing the receiving line!  That's not the etiquette requirement.  Ensuring that you thank each of the guests is, and the receiving line isn't the only way to do it.  Do table visits and just make sure you chat with everyone.  
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