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Beach wedding Fort Walton, Florida

Hey knotties! I am in the process of planning my wedding and my fiance and I are thinking of doing it on the beach in Florida! We live in Texas so our guest list would be 50 max, we are looking to possibly rent a beach front house where we could get married on the beach and a house where we could have a reception afterwards and a bonfire on the beach. Any ideas?!

Re: Beach wedding Fort Walton, Florida

  • I would post this on the Florida board.
  • Check out vrbo.com.



  • Not to be discouraging - but there is NO BOARD for the Florida panhandle!

    I tried posting to the West Coast Florida board and was literally chased away to the "Northern Florida" board.

    Guess what? The "Northern Florida Board" includes Northeastern Florida -- i.e, including Jacksonville, which is some 400 miles from the Panhandle.

    It's very frustrating because Jacksonville and the panhandle are two completely different areas. There is zero synergy among vendors, venues, airports, etc. It's like lumping together Philadelphia and New York City. Needless to say, this has all but eradicated any information exchange on the panhandle. The little activity on that board is Jacksonville-centric.

    Also -- the laws about weddings in private beachfront homes are VERY strict in that area. There is a huge pending lawsuit in Walton county, and most people believe big business will prevail and they will be prohibited.There are rumblings in Okaloosa county as well (which is where Ft. Walton beach is). Bottom line -- be very careful.
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