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How do you choose what to wear for engagement photos?

I would love to have engagement pictures taken. When I look at what others wear, i think they look great. 
how did you chose to wear in your photos if you had them taken?

Re: How do you choose what to wear for engagement photos?

  • Honestly we just wore something we were comfortable in! Something we wear everyday and that felt like us. So my advise would be pick your favorite top and pants or favorite dress, soo that your photos feel more like you. Plus you know that your favorite clothing item looks good on you instead of buying a whole new outfit and fretting over it. This is just my opinion though- do what suits you :) and good luck!! Don't forget to share your photos!
  • I wore what I felt most comfortable and attractive in. :)
  • Thanks ladies. I will share photos when we have them done.
  • I just did my photos today, and I did buy a new dress for the occasion.  It was a blue lace cocktail dress, and it was beautiful.  I also had a change of clothes that was more "me" --- sweater, jeans, ballet flats, and a scarf.  Wear something comfortable, but you can dress up or down with accessories.  

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  • These were tips my photographers sent me:

    • Try to wear something that flatters the part of your body you love the most
    • Get dressed up bit more than you usually do
    • Large, bold patterns can be distracting, as can text on shirts
    • Wear your favorite color
    • If body conscious, try wearing ¾ or full sleeve shirts instead of tank tops and tube tops. It is easier to push up a sleeve if warm
    • Avoid clothes that are too tight, show panty lines, etc
    • Girls, accentuating your waist with an accent belt or A-line shirt/dress can be very flattering
    • You want your pictures to appear timeless, so try not to be too trendy
    • Layers can be flattering on both girls and guys
    • Wear something you are OK with getting dirty (you never know)
    • Makeup looks best when natural, especially when it comes to foundation and bronzer. It’s best to accentuate your eyes and lips with some great eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. We can recommend a makeup artist if you'd like to go all out.
    • Avoid clothes that look too casual, with fraying, tears, short shorts, words, etc.
    • Slightly darker shades will ensure that the focus is on your face, not on the bright shades in the photos
    • try to pick from the same color palate. You don't want too matchy-matchy (I.e both wearing the same white shirts and khakis) but you do want to coordinate.
    • A lot of brides will do 1-3 outfits, with one being more casual (sometimes sports jerseys) than the others.
    • I always recommend something with sleeves rather than sleeveless/spaghetti straps as bare arms detract from the face in portraits.
    • Another recommendation is to have your nails done and have your ring cleaned before as we'll be getting close ups of both.
    • We suggest the groom get his hair cut about a week before and you should time your haircut so the session is whenever you like it best after a cut.

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  • Thank you for sharing your list PrettyGirlLost.
  • HisMrsJ said:
    Thank you for sharing your list PrettyGirlLost.
    No problem!

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