Too much??

I'm having a band and a DJ. My Dj is also my cousin who offered to gift his services, but I loved this band and had to have them. How do I encorporate them both during the reception? I don't want to not use one of them...

Re: Too much??

  • Well, depends on what kind of music the band plays, but I could see you having the DJ for during cocktail hour and dinner, for the more low-key parts, then if the band is more lively then have that for the main parts of dancing, sort of as the feature to get everyone dancing.  How long is the band contracted for?  The entire night?  The DJ would introduce the band once dinner is over and be more of the announcer than the DJ.
  • Depending on how long your reception is, a live band needs to take breaks between sets anyways which is a prime time for the DJ to shine.
  • I've seen this done many times.  The band will typically take "breaks" and that is when the DJ will step in/play music.

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