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Weekend trips

Anyone gone on any trips lately?  Any vacations coming up?

DH got football tickets last weekend, so we visited another couple in that town.  They got married exactly a week before us, and we've shared struggles, ups and downs, etc.  One thing I love about visiting them is the husband's prayers before meals.  Maybe it's just because his are different (he's Catholic) from what DH says, but I really enjoy them.

This weekend we're going to visit DH's parents and going to his 10th HS reunion.  I'm not sure I'm looking forward to it.  DH's parents are great, but DH went to a private school, and I went to a public school, so I feel like I'm going to be a bit "out of my league."

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Re: Weekend trips

  • A few weeks ago we met my parents, brother, SIL, and niece after church to go to a pumpkin patch in my hometown and stayed the night.

    No overnight trips planned until Thanksgiving.  We're spending it with DH's family.  We spent it by ourselves for the two years we were in Kansas, so it'll be great to be with family again.

    We're hoping to have our first "baby-free" overnight sometime in January or February.  Just need to get Ezra to fall asleep for naps and bed time without nursing (he won't take a bottle or pacifier) and take pumped milk out of a cup--and  I need to start pumping.  :/
  • Our weekend trips right now are one of us driving the 5 hours to visit the other. I had fall break last Friday and Monday, so that was a nice long visit there.

    Over Thanksgiving, we're going to visit both of our families, so that'll be a LOT of driving! But, we figured we would do it this year because when he is a pastor next year, we probably won't be able to travel for holidays.
  • Last weekend we went to a marriage conference. It was in the next town over from me so not really a trip.
    Our next trip will probably be our honeymoon. Which my fiance booked the plan tickets earlier this week so I'm pretty excited.

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    The next time we travel will be in 3 weeks when we leave on our honeymoon! EEK! I'm so excited :) It will be nice to be done with all the stress of planning and just be able to enjoy each other as husband and wife. :D

    We met with our pastor today and mostly worked out our ceremony. We just have to decide on a few hymns, and finalize the rest of our music plans and we'll be done. Hurray. Once we get everything for the ceremony planned, I don't care if nothing else happens. My thinking is as long as the ceremony is planned, we'll be married, and the rest is just icing on the cake!

    @elBecko and @fre3doms, what are your honeymoon plans?

    ETA: forgot a letter


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  • @flutterfly88, I agree with you about wanting to get the ceremony planned. That was actually one of the first things we did (because he was going to be out of town, we started meeting with the pastor right away). Our ceremony has been totally planned since July. It's so nice to know that the most important thing is taken care of! :)
  • We're going to Puerto Rico! Neither of us have been there before. He just booked the flights and hotel on Monday. I'm getting really excited now.
    This will be the first trip we've done together. Last summer we drove downstate for my friends wedding but I was a bridesmaid so we didn't have as much time together. I just want an entire week with just him.

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  • Those both sounds like awesome trips :)

    @amakayeb, you guys are on the ball!


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