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Venue idea (Crystal Gardens Navy Pier, Chicago Illinois)

 So I'm in the beginning stages of wedding planning/dreaming.One of my favorite venues I've looked at for my reception is the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier. Being from the Chicago suburbs and frequently visit the city I've been to Navy pier many times since I was a little girl. However I've never been to a wedding reception there. I absolutely love the pictures and videos I've seen. So I'm wondering budget wise, if you've had or know someone who has had their reception at Crystal Gardens' can you give me an idea of a ballpark price? I have a couple years to save. 

Thankyou so much anyone who provides feedback, have a wonderful day :)

Re: Venue idea (Crystal Gardens Navy Pier, Chicago Illinois)

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    Ask them to send you a brouchure with pricing information. That's the best way to get pricing and decide what it will/might cost you. Remember, prices increase overtime and look for hidden costs like tax, service charges, and what is included.
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    Post your question on the local Chicago board - I'm betting someone on there will be able to help you. This is an international board so you won't get as many responses about a particular venue :) GL!
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    I would guess it is QUITE expensive, just a guess. Also, keep in mind, all of your guests would also have to pay for parking due to location
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    Also bear in mind that it is a public venue.  Your area may be cordoned off with some draping, but visitors will be able to see your event.  It will not be a quiet or private venue, to be sure.  And depending on your wedding date, it may have an extraordinary number of visitors if there is a special display or event being highlighted.

    There have been Chicago brides that held their event there.  Definitely repost/XP this on the Illinois/Chicago board.

    What specifically do you like about the venue?  The Chicago brides are great with alternative suggestions.
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