Tipping Makeup Srtist: DayOf, Trial Run, both, neither?

Hi htere!
I actually have a question that is related to a non-wedding event, but I knew this was the place to ask it!

I am using a make-up artist for the upcoming Marine Corps Ball, and I am wodnering: do I tip her for the trial run that we've scheduled? or just on the day of the actual event? I think that tipping for both is a little much, but better safe than sorry!

Thanks guys!

Re: Tipping Makeup Srtist: DayOf, Trial Run, both, neither?

  • I personally would tip for both.  I tipped my hair stylist for my hair trial, as well as my hair the day of my wedding.  I figure, if I was in her place, I'd certainly want to get a tip for a job well done!  Even if it is "just" a trial!

    Enjoy the MC Ball!!  My son's MCJROTC and they celebrate the Corps' birthday as well.  LOTS of fun and quite interesting!  :)
  • They aren't an hourly employee... they get every dime you give them.

    Tipping is customary for hourly employees and employees not self employees who pocket the whole transaction.... they made $2.13 an hour and you tip, hairstylists get a cut of the whole sale and you tip.

    Run thrus dont need tips at all.... day of a small one is fine.
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