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We're having a casual outdoor wedding, with a country feel to it. The colors have been picked out, the types of flowers and all that fun stuff, but I'm still kind of stuck on what I would like to see the boys wear.  The girls are wearing burgundy dresses with brown cowboy boots and I will be wearing cowboy boots under my dress (there will be horses at the ceremony).  We're going more for a dressed up country feel, but I don't want the boys in jeans.. Any ideas?

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  • What about a nice grey suit?

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  • What about dress pants and matching vests with a white button down shirt and perhaps a tie?  Or just a button down shirt and nice pants?
  • If you're going for a more relaxed feel, what about dress pants & white dress shirts with ties? Just nix the suit coat, or add a vest. I always think rolled up sleeves make any look more casual, too.
  • If you are wearing a formal gown, your FI should wear a suit.
  • What does your FI want to wear? If he doesn't care, pick something that matches the formality of your event and your dress. If your dress is less formal (sounds like it is since you're wearing boots with it), what if the guys wore khakis, a white button down and ties? Your groom could wear a vest to differentiate himself if he wanted to. 

    Or tan suits if it's more formal.

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  • We're having a similar wedding the guys are wearing dress khakis, casual dress shoes (although I would have preferred boots but my FI's feet just don't go with boots), white dress shirts and ties. My FI is wearing a vest too but he hates jackets so no jackets. 
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  • Is there a website that allows me to play around with different looks for men? 
  • Kohl95 said:
    Is there a website that allows me to play around with different looks for men? 
    Yes, it's called a dressing room :)
  • Ah, sarcasm isn't necessary here.. but.. thank you for the website :)
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